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Butler Surveying  is committed to providing clients a variety of surveying services in a timely fashion at competitive rates
Our goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers

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General Information


As a Chartered Building Surveying practice, we aim to serve individual client’s needs by discussing the details of the project in depth before providing a fee quote, thereby saving time and money. 


Services Include the Following:


Residential Building Surveys


Party Wall Matters




Residential Surveys


Becoming a homeowner is an exciting milestone in your life and to ensure it is a positive experience, arranging and obtaining a survey will assist in limiting the possible risks involved in making this significant financial investment


Butler Surveying  will minimize unexpected and unwanted surprises by helping you:


Make an informed decision with property purchase


Determine if purchase price is reasonable or needs to be renegotiated


Identify any defects and risks affecting the property


Plan accordingly for repairs, maintenance, and improvements


Take into account other issues identified within the report (e.g., environmental issues, legal matters, structural problems)

Party Wall Matters


Butler Surveying can help you navigate the legal process and procedures of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 which should be followed when building work involves excavations close to a neighbouring property, or involves cutting into an existing party wall



Butler Surveying can provide assistance with the following:


Resolving party wall disputes


Protecting the interests of those affected by the works


Avoiding or minimising disputes by ensuring property owners notify their neighbors in advance of proposed works


Providing a condition survey of the neighbouring property before and after the works




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